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Pandemic Poems - To be or not to be... Contained

The world is still beautiful
even though our hearts are breaking.
That’s what we told ourselves
when it was the first wave, we were facing.

We listened to the chirping birds,
watered plants and savoured sunsets.
We took moments to admire, the little things
we used to forget.

The world is still beautiful.
But doesn’t the same beauty, seem
ridiculously unimportant now?

While we struggle to get resources
as loved ones wait
with bated breath, quite literally.

While each breath of theirs,
is like a hurdle they’ve to cross
as you pray, desperately.

Yes, the world is still beautiful.
But it doesn’t feel that way.

So many nameless dots in the data
that somebody, somewhere,
reads in a report.

So many nameless dots in the data
each marking the collapse
of someone’s world.

All these different little worlds
built and nurtured, over the years,
are crashing down, seconds apart
making us face our worst fears.

Yes, the world is still beautiful.
But that isn’t enough.
Only the beauty
of humanity, coming together,
can help
when the going gets tough.

Do whatever it takes
to contain the virus
and its spread

the desperation
the fear
the grief
and the anger,
are uncontainable, instead.


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Akhila Joshi

Akhila Joshi

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