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Poem - The Whitest White

The endless heavy blanket,⁣
of the finest sheen.⁣
White robed realm,⁣
with a frosty gleam.⁣

Ensconced in the white powder,⁣
of sparkling snow.⁣
Cascading snowy mountains.⁣
valleys, that glow.⁣

The sharp, crisp cold winds⁣
with their freezing freshness.⁣
The breath of mountain air.⁣
Pure, clean and precious.⁣

Snowfall, fragile and glistening,⁣
settling on electrical line strings.⁣
Piling up in soft layers,⁣
over the mountains and foothills.⁣

Silent puffs of falling white,⁣
the noiseless work of the sky.⁣
Frigid, falling, drifting,⁣
engulfing everything, thereby.⁣

Beautifying everything it covers.⁣
Enveloping every barren tree.⁣
Every crevice of rocks and stones,⁣
covered in purity.⁣

I stepped my foot onto the place,⁣
that the world seemed to have forgotten.⁣
The crunch of snow beneath my boots.⁣
Unceasingly white, untrodden.⁣

The snow capped peaks, sparkling⁣
like a million little stars.⁣
Fluffy clouds drifting breezily,⁣
can I take you home, in a jar?⁣

I sat there, breathing in,⁣
this white and cold world.⁣
Yet, I felt a warmth, in my heart. ⁣
Admiring this sanctum, untouched and preserved.⁣

In the profound silence, to your soul⁣
the majestic mountains speak.⁣
Wordlessly, humbling you⁣
by nature’s mystique.⁣

An element of nature,⁣
so impeccable and pristine.⁣
The whitest white,⁣
I had ever seen.


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Akhila Joshi

Akhila Joshi

Hey there :) Calling myself a writer seems a little too good to be true, so I just say: I write. I also like exploring new places and music when I'm not curled up reading a book or binge-watching.