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Pandemic Poems - Lockdown Lessons

As we cook and clean at home, without food delivery and housemaids, maybe we could learn to be more mindful of these unsung heroes?

the next time you see a spot of dishwashing soap
on a vessel your maid already washed,
remember, how you cursed and
washed them distractedly,
thinking of the tv show you just watched

the next time your maid takes a holiday
out of the blue, remember,
sweeping the dust that came from nowhere
every single day
how irritating was that for you?

the next time you see the cleaning staff at office
picking up your used coffee mugs
without a sound
remember how monotonous it was at home
gathering the vessels strewn around

the next time when you go to your work desk
and find it perfectly clean
remember to smile and thank the cleaning staff
to appreciate these people, unseen.


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Akhila Joshi

Akhila Joshi

Hey there :) Calling myself a writer seems a little too good to be true, so I just say: I write. I also like exploring new places and music when I'm not curled up reading a book or binge-watching.