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Poem - It Won't Heal

“Time can heal the pain of grief.
Very soon, you’ll turn over a new leaf.”

“Everything will be okay.
The skies won’t forever be grey.”

“This wound shall be healed soon.
Be strong”, they all crooned.

One after another, they all came,
whispering comforting words, one and the same.

The permanence of the situation was disorienting.
The loss of a loved one, makes life go spinning.

They say it’ll be alright, ’cause hope is a comforting thing.
But what good is the light at the end of the tunnel, for the hearts that are aching?

At times, empathy is not just about “Hush, it’ll be fine.”
Acknowledge, that it isn’t. It was out of line.

It doesn’t become okay. It never will.
Those are all empty words, though spoken in goodwill.

The wound will never heal completely. Only the pain may become dull.
As time passes, you will find a new normal.

This new normal, won’t be even remotely close,
to the one you had, before life’s catastrophe.

This new normal will never be good enough,
because the loss of a person can never be overcome.

The plan you had made for life, shattered and broken.
All the things you said, and those unspoken.

You’d give anything for a trip, to a parallel universe.
Do anything, chant any verse.

To have that one person by your side,
Instead of all those times you cried.

To have an altered version of life,
Instead of this one, where uncertainty runs rife.

You could want this option, with every fibre of your being.
But it is just not available. Time to stop dreaming.

You only have this universe. This life and its turbulence.
Make the best of it. Dazzle your audience.


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Akhila Joshi

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