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Poem - I Have a Tendency

I have a tendency⁣⁣
to let people⁣⁣
walk all over me.⁣⁣
From listening to requests ⁣⁣
“Could you make me a cup of tea?”⁣⁣
“Help me with the pleats of my saree?”⁣⁣
“Can I vent to you? I have nobody.”⁣⁣
“I’m running late. Could you post this to the addressee?”⁣⁣
To offering to help ⁣⁣
“You relax. I’ll get you a coffee.”⁣⁣
“Here are your clothes. Fresh from the laundry.”⁣⁣
“What’s bothering you? You’re gloomy.”⁣⁣
“I’ve arranged for a cab. Travel safely.”⁣⁣
I never drew a line.⁣⁣
And as it turns out,⁣⁣
I was my worst enemy.⁣⁣
When I started with⁣⁣
“Oh it’s nothing. Doing this is no bother to me.”⁣⁣
They heard⁣⁣
“I am making a choice to do this, readily.”⁣⁣
And I trained them, accidentally⁣⁣
to feel like they’re entitled to me,⁣⁣
and my alacrity.⁣⁣
I always heard,⁣⁣
people are more willing to take⁣⁣
than they are to give.⁣⁣
Then why do I want to⁣⁣
move mountains for thee,⁣⁣
more than wanting to ⁣⁣
move a feather for me?⁣⁣
I’d do anything for you, tirelessly.⁣⁣
But what makes me bitter is,⁣⁣
I know you would never do the same, for me.⁣⁣
I have a tendency.⁣
to let people walk all over me.⁣⁣
While, simultaneously,⁣⁣
in all probability,⁣⁣
I walk over those, who let me.⁣⁣


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Akhila Joshi

Akhila Joshi

Hey there :) Calling myself a writer seems a little too good to be true, so I just say: I write. I also like exploring new places and music when I'm not curled up reading a book or binge-watching.