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Poem - Eyes are a Doorway

eyes are a doorway,
they said.
what did you see?

did you see beyond
the natural brown
and the unnatural kohl

they say they’re where my demons hide
but also
through what my heart smiles

they say they confine a beautiful chaos
but also
the unsaid simple truth

do they hold
what you fear I am?
what your soul thirsts for?

can you hear the voices
of the storms in my eyes?
or can you hear
the melody of mischief
and chirpy delight?

mirror mirror on the ceiling
what did you see?


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About the Author

Akhila Joshi

Akhila Joshi

Hey there :) Calling myself a writer seems a little too good to be true, so I just say: I write. I also like exploring new places and music when I'm not curled up reading a book or binge-watching.