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Poem - Efforts of the Unseen

The applause of the audience,⁣
echoed through the hallways.⁣
Medals and trophies were handed out,⁣
followed by a rush on the stairways.⁣

The winners got their accolades,⁣
the organizers were applauded.⁣
But to acknowledge the effort of the cleaning staff,⁣
not one head nodded.⁣

Before anyone stepped on the red carpet,⁣
they’d set the microphones and chairs.⁣
Then peep from a door far away,⁣
to admire the fanfares.⁣

When the celebrations were over,⁣
and everybody had left,⁣
a hush settled over the room,⁣
which now needed to be swept.⁣

Who ever pays attention,⁣
to the efforts of the unseen?⁣
They make sure your plans go smoothly,⁣
and your surroundings are pristine.⁣

The special day for you!⁣
for them, is a humdrum scene.⁣
Spare a moment, and a few kind words,⁣
to appreciate those people unseen.⁣

⁣I did most of my schooling at The Bishop’s Co-Ed School. At the end of each event, be it a debate, quiz or the school concert, the vote of thanks would always include the class four staff. I remember Anil, the peon, who was a man of few words. He’d supervise to make sure everything was arranged perfectly, from the chairs to the electricals. He was the go-to man for every school event. But at the end, when, among others, his name was called in the vote of thanks, he was, as always, ⁣

far away⁣
from the spotlight. ⁣


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Akhila Joshi

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